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Monday, September 9, 2019

Mr Eze The Foolish Father

Mr and Mrs Eze were happily married. They were not extremely rich, but they were comfortable and could afford more than the basic things in life. They were blessed with four some and a lovely daughter. One day, Mr Eze called his wife and told her he wanted all of them to relocate to Europe but due to financial constraint, he 2ould travel first secure an accommodation and a good job and send for her and the children.

Mr Eze told her wife that to enable him get enough money for his trip, he has to sell some of their belongings, including the only house they had which they lived in while his wife and children would have to move into a smaller apartment.

Mrs Eze wasn't in support of his decision but after much persuasion she reluctantly accepted. She accepted to move into a smaller apartment, hoping she won't be there for long before her husband sends for her and they children.

Mr Eze sold all he needed to sell and after getting enough money, he processed his traveling documents and  traveled to Europe. Mrs  Eze was left to cater for the children till her husband get settled and sends for them. She was teaching in a primary school and also doing some pretty trade to support herself and the children.

Chapter Two

Seven months after Mr Eze traveled, he stopped calling his wife and children the way he had been doing. Not hearing from her husband, Mrs Eze got so worried and ran to see her husband's uncle called uncle Obi, to inform him of her husband's silence. On getting there, uncle Obi felt very sorry for her but he told her that his nephew was already married to a foreigner and that if it was possible, she should move on with her life. Mrs Eze was shocked at the information she heard.
"Where will I start from?" She asked herself, she had bills to pay, school fees, house rent, feeding, clothing, the list was just endless. It wasn't an easy task for her, she was so frustrated. She picked up menial jobs which she combined with her teaching and pretty trade to make ends meet.

One day, her last child suddenly became sick, Mrs Eze took him to the hospital and she was asked to bring a certain amount of money, as it was already an emergency case, she gathered all she had but it wasn't enough for the hospital bills. She quickly ran to uncle Obi's house hoping he would help her contact her husband again. Uncle Obi tried and was able to contact him, he told Me Eze the condition of things but his response was that he had found a new life and had moved on, so Mrs Eze should do the same.

Poor Mrs Eze left uncle Obi house with tears because even uncle Obi didn't have any money to give her. Despite all her efforts and the places she ran to for help, she still could not raise the money so she lost her last child. The loss of her son was too much for her to handle but it made her more determined and very zealous towards the well being of her children. She was read keep them save and to give them the best, she saw to it that they attended the best schools in their environment and she struggled tirelessly to pay their bills. She cared less about herself, what mattered to her was just her children. She wore worn out cloths and foot wears and people mocked her but she www never bothered .

Mrs Eze was really a wonderful mother. Years went by and her first child was about leaving the senior secondary school. They heard of a scholarship exams that he could write and it will enable him travel abroad to further his education on scholarship, she allowed her son to enroll for the exams and it was a success. He came out with good grades.

Mrs Eze was so glad. After many years, there is finally a ray of hope for them. Her won traveled to America and Mrs Eze was extremely glad.

Chapter Three

A few years later, her second child who was about to leave senior secondary school also enrolled for the same exams and even did better than his elder brother, Mrs Eze couldn't have been more grateful with her two children in America. Life was becoming easy for her as they were schooling and working and at the end of every month, no matter how little, they endeavored to send money home to their mother.

When it was time for third child and only daughter to enter into the university the scholarship her son's benefited from was no longer available so her daughter had to school in Nigeria. After her daughter secured admission, Mrs Eze was able to raise the money for her school fees but there were many academy bills to be paid. She didn't want to bother her son's in America for money so she thoughts she should turn to her husband for help.

"Whether he was married to someone else or not, the children still belong to him. He should be able to support them" she thought to herself.

Once again, she went to uncle Obi's place. Getting there, she met her husband, he was back to home to marry another lady he met in Europe, as the foreigner  married had already divorce him. She was so shocked to see him there and realizing the reason he was back home for, she was really disappointed. She discuss the reason of her visit with him, hoping he would be excited to hear about the success of his children. She was shocked when he started ranting and saying he has no support for then. Before his uncle calm him down and make him realize he wasn't doing the right thing, he called the police to throw Mrs Eze out of the house, claiming that she was an imposter. Mrs Eze was not just heartbroken, she was extremely embarrassed.

She got home and explained her ordeal with her husband to her children. She even called the ones in America and told them and they were all sad with the way their family is treating their mother.

Once again, God saw her through and she was able to pay her daughter academic fees. Years went by and all her children became successful. Her three sons were in America and her daughter was here with her. Mrs Eze was w happy and fulfilled mother. All her hard work, suffering and sacrifice finally paid off. It wasn't long before her daughter found a suitor that www based in America, so her children concluded that she also has to relocate to America. They were all very happy.

Mr Eze was always in and out of marriages as all his wives didn't bear him any child. The last wife he married liquidated him and made him lose all his wealth. To make issues worse, he suddenly has problems with his documents in Europe and was reported back to Nigeria. After giving it a proper thought he went looking for his ex wife and children, hoping he could get back together with them. He went to uncle Obi and begged him to help him plead with his ex-wife but he was informed that she and the children were all in America.

Uncle Obi gave him their phone numbers to call them but on reaching them, they made it clear to him that they no longer wanted him in their lives. His children warned him seriously to stay away from them and their mother.

Mr Eze lived a lonely, frustrated and an unhappy life. Looking back, he regretted ever embarking on such a fruitless journey. He regretted abandoning his family.

The End

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