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Monday, September 9, 2019

Amanda The Rude Girl

Amanda was the third child of her parents, she have four siblings and her parents were extremely poor, her father was a fisherman and her mother a farmer, life was extremely tough for them as her parents find it very difficult to read, there was no money to give Amanda and her siblings a proper education.  The was no money to support them through junior secondary school and advice them to learn a trade.

Amanda  was a very stubborn girl with no respect for anyone, she was consumed with so much pride and was too lazy and extremely temperamental she always allowed her anger take over her as she was extremely violent whenever she was anger. Her parents and everybody around always reprimanded her concerning her bad behaviors and always try to make her understand that her future is at stake if she continues like that as usual, but she'll end up insulting you at the process.

Amanda was asked to learn a trade but it was from one trouble to another everyday as she was always involved in different fights 2ith people, even her boss. Before long, Amanda was dismissed from where she was learning a trade. Moths went  by and after a long consideration by her parents, they decide she should go and learn another trade because her future has to be secured, just like the previous place.

Amanda didn't changed, she www too lazy and consumed with too much pride. She never listened or obeyed her tutor. She was either fighting her colleagues and hurting them with very sharp objects or insult them. She was so terrible and too much to handle. Once again, she was dismissed.

Chapter Two

Amanda parents didn't give up on her, as they always admonished her and tried various means of helping her live a good life but all their efforts was in vain. Her siblings were gentle, submissive and very hard working. They lived a good life and succeeded.

Amanda came of age and w very respectful, humble and calm young man came to ask for her hand in marriage. Ugochukwu was his name. It never occurred to him that Amanda could be sinister, as she had a very innocent and vulnerable look. After their marriage ceremony, life became a living hell for Ugochukwu as there was always a reason for them to fight everyday, it didn't take too long when Ugochukwu realized he had gotten married to a monster. Whenever they had a quarrel, Amanda always pulled out a knife, Cutlass and other harmful objects to hurt him with. When Ugochukwu could no longer handle the tension when he got home, he sent Amanda parking after their second child.

Amanda still didn't feel any remorse for what happened, instead she went about telling people that her husband was very cruel and always maltreating her. Ugochukwu didn't allow her to go with any of their children as he was not sure that Amanda will be a good mother to them. Amanda went from one marriage to another and she was always kicked out because nobody could tolerate her. Yet she learnt no lessons from what was happening to her. The pride in her made it too hard for her to accept she was wrong. She refused listening to any word of advice from her parents or anyone, instead she kept on going about saying that she was always maltreated by the men she married.

Chapter Three

Amanda later met Joseph who 2qw ready to marry her, it wasn't too long before Joseph realized who Amanda truly was but he was still ready to tolerate her and make sure their marriage worked. Joseph was determined to help Amanda turn a new life as he was hoping that his patience and tolerance would help her become a better person but on the contrary, the fact that Joseph was tolerating her bad characters made her get out of hand and became worse

Amanda 2ent as far as turning Joseph to a slave. He did the whole house chores yet Amanda embarrassed him in public. She would fight him and tear his cloths in public. Not just Joseph but everyone in the community saw the kind of terrible person that she was. The matured women staying around called and advised her but the whole advice always fell on deaf ears. Joseph still showered her with love, hoping she might change but she www the same.

One day, Amanda picked a fight with Joseph and in the process, she pick up a knife and stabbed Joseph almost to the point of death. Their neighbors saw what happened and quickly called  the police. Luckily for Joseph he was quickly rushed to the hospital and was treated. Amanda was arrested and sent to jail for attempting murder, she spent the rest of her life in prison. She regretted her actions but it was too late for her..

Moral Lesson

We should not be rude and troublesome. We have nothing to gain by always insulting people and picking a fight with them.
We should also learn to control our temper and anger so we don't do things that would get us in trouble.

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